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Rules and Regulation

  • Every Student and teacher have to do their works including breakfast before the 7:15 am.
  • It’s a request to all guest that don’t come at the time of class. And teachers and students are also warning not to meet anybody at the time of class.
  • Teachers have to keep their mobile in their given room or in the office at the time of class.
  • All teacher of Jamia Ali Hasan Ahle Sunnat have to come on time in the Class.
  • It is compulsory and mandatory for teachers and Students to take care Jamia and not to harm it.
  • All teachers have sign in the register of teachers at the fix time.
  • Teachers also have to sign at the time of leaving. If they will not sign it will consider as half day.
  • If any student was seen out of Jamia at the time of class, his teacher will be responsible for it. Even though he is gone out for any purpose like tea, coffee or pan, etc.
  • If the reason according to shariyat than it is acceptable and it should be in written by the principal.
  • Every student have to wear the hat of Jamia and it is compulsory. If the student doesn’t wear then the responsibility will be of the related teacher.
  • If any student will remain absent without any reason more than 15 days. He will be driven out from Jamia.

Note: If the staff members or the students fail to abide by the rules and regulations, strict action will be taken by the management.

By Order Trustees (Jamia Ali Hasan Ahle Sunnat)